Kim Kimdir

In communication, it is important first to have self-knowledge and then to understand the people with whom we communicate. If we want to communicate effectively, we need to be able to see and understand the reactions of the people with whom we communicate. Only then will the quality of our communication with our boyfriend/girlfriend, manager, mother, children, employee or team mate increase.

We all perceive the world around us differently, so we think differently about it. We accept that we’re different, but do we know what our differences are?

In life, must we be connoisseurs of human nature, or must we first have self-knowledge?

What separates us and what brings us together?

By providing answers to these questions, our ‘Who’s Who?’ training aims to ensure we understand people better and realize our differences.

Hangi noktalarda birbirimizden ayrılıyoruz, hangi noktalarda birleşiyoruz?

Bu sorulara cevap bulabilmek bulmayı sağlayan Kim Kimdir eğitimi insanları daha iyi tanıyabilmek ve farkı fark edebilmeyi amaçlar.